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Our superb collection of both full-sized and mini neon light message signs for sale add brightness to the dark, power to your emotions, and thoughtfulness to your gifts - whether for a loved one, close friend, family member, work colleagues, or just yourself. 

From planets to diamonds, clouds to clear statements, these stunning neon light gifts deliver impact, provide context, and add emotion to whatever you want to say or wherever you want it be. Each is presented on a clear acrylic backboard, carefully cut to shape to allow the image or message to make the most memorable impact wherever you decide to place it. Enough said, now it's time to browse this superb and unique collection of neon signs for sale. 

We can also create custom neon signs if we don't quite have the design you're looking for. 


Head in the Clouds Neon Sign

Head in the Clouds Neon Sign


Who do you know that saunters through life in a dreamy state and would appreciate this wry acknowledgement as a heartfelt gift? It could be your special one, a family member, your best friend in the world, or even a work colleague who de-stresses an entirely distressed office in just an instant! It is equally stunning in its mini-sized version.

45cm wide x 24.3cm high

Available in Cold White

Clear Acrylic backboard / Cut to shape

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