Custom Neon Signs

It’s Your Time to Shine With Your Custom Designed Neon Lights!

Do you do custom neon sign design?

Of course! We have a team of very talented neon light designers and typographers who work with you to create the perfect custom design. Each neon light design is individual, and therefore individually quoted.

Email us at with any questions or enquiries, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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Seeking a Custom Neon Sign Design?

If you are seeking that perfect custom neon sign design to be part of your business, for an important event, or simply to add something special to your home – then our terrific team of experienced Little Pineapple neon graphic designers are ready to spring into action.

You may have specific business logo artwork or key graphic images to be used. Or you might have a desired text font style – and that includes handwriting – for a single word, specific name, or a full sentence.

Whatever your needs, our custom neon signs will surely add that light, bright and vibrant touch to your location or occasion. See some great examples on this page! We always quote a specific great value price for each individual piece, starting at just $180 for a simple design or basic font.

To find out more, contact our Little Pineapple Neon team by emailing

Our Neon Design Processes

If you would like to proceed with a custom order, we will need some extra information from you to get started.

  1. Measurements – the desired size of the sign
  2. Color(s) you would like to use
  3. Style (shapes, words, or any photo inspiration to give us insight to your idea)
  4. Your budget
  5. What you would like it to say (if you’d like words/quote)

To get started with your custom order, it helps us to know if you have a budget in mind? We often help our Little Pineapple customers design the light of their dreams while keeping below their set budget. As all of our lights are lovingly handmade by our lighting curators, the total cost will depend on the finished design, dimensions, and measurements of the light.

We’re happy to organise our designer to send you a few draft designs to begin the process. Once this stage is finalised, we will be able to provide the exact price for your unique lighting creation. We also offer delivery of your lighting to your location, which is included in the final price.